Petitioning FairPoint: Time for a Fair Contract

April 4, 2016—Bargaining is in full swing now for FairPoint Telcom workers whose contract expires Monday, April 4. In a petition signed and delivered this week, members called on Executive Vice President Peter Nixon to reach an agreement that includes affordable healthcare and reasonable wage increases.

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FairPoint Workers Picket Portland Headquarters to Protest Company’s Refusal to Compromise on Layoffs

June 18, 2015 — Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Communications Workers of America (CWA) who work for FairPoint Communications conducted informational picketing at company headquarters on Davis Farm Road in Portland today to protest the company’s unwillingness to compromise on significant issues during talks about the recently announced layoff of more than 10% of the northern New England workforce.

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Update on Unemployment Insurance for Maine Members

June 8, 2015—We got some good news today for members in Maine. The Maine Department of Labor Bureau of Unemployment Compensation, issued its decision regarding our appeal for unemployment insurance (UI). The Chief Administrative Hearing Officer found that there was no “stoppage of work” during our strike, and therefore members of IBEW Local 2327 and CWA Local 1400 who applied for UI are eligible for payments from October 19, 2014.

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Member Update for June 2, 2015

Leaders of the IBEW locals in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont met with company representatives in Manchester today. We have not concluded an agreement yet.

Our proposals are designed to reduce the surplus and increase vacancies within the company. We received a preliminary vacancy list from the company. Seniority is still in dispute because of our disagreement about members’ lost time during the strike. The company has committed to respond to union leadership on this and other issues later this week. We will update you as soon as we have more information. CWA leaders will meet with the company tomorrow.

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Solidarity Days: June 2-3, 2015

Leaders of the IBEW locals in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont will meet with the company on Tuesday, June 2nd. CWA leaders will meet with the company on Wednesday, June 3rd.

In support of our leadership team, we must show the company that we remain as UNITED as we were on the the day we returned to work after our historic strike. We call on every member to wear RED on Tuesday and Wednesday. Take SOLIDARITY SELFIES and pictures of your co-workers demonstrating their unity. E-mail them to us at

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Member Update for May 26, 2015

Leaders of IBEW locals in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont met with company representatives in Manchester, NH, today.

Our goal was to present proposals to the company that would reduce the surplus and create more vacancies and opportunities for movement within the company. We had an energetic exchange of ideas; however, we have not reached any agreement yet.

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Find Updates on FairPoint Workers on Facebook

We’re now updating news and announcements regarding the union workers at FairPoint Communications via our Facebook page. Please visit us there, like us, and share news with your friends. Thanks!

A Heartfelt Thank You to Everyone Who Supported Us

Our battle for a fair contract with FairPoint Communications was a long one, and we are grateful for the countless visitors to our picket lines who offered their smiles and words of encouragement. We thank you for the gallons of coffee and dozens of donuts, for the pizza, sandwiches, and homemade treats you’ve brought out to the lines to keep us warm morning and night.

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Latest News Coverage of the FairPoint Strike

Across Northern New England, many news organizations covered the FairPoint Strike. Take a look at the links to some of the news and editorials. Or find stories in our archive by using the categories and tags on our News page here.

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Sign-Up to Join Our Network of Allies

We still have a strong group of allies and supporters in Northern New England and throughout the country. We simply couldn’t keep up our fight against corporate greed without their encouragement. Please consider joining us.

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