Who We Are
Photo by Gretchen Conant

Photo by Gretchen Conant

We build, maintain, and repair the systems that bring telecommunications to homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, and factories. We keep you connected.

We work in rain, snow, and sun to keep the transmission lines humming. We install the DSL, voice, and data equipment you need to complete your projects on time and help your kids do their homework. We connect doctors, firefighters, and police to lifesaving information. We make sure your 911 call goes through.

We are the men and women who work the lines and answer your calls, and we take pride in serving Northern New England.

We are 2,000 members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Communications Workers of America (CWA).


  • IBEW Local 2320—New Hampshire
  • IBEW Local 2326—Vermont
  • IBEW Local 2327—Maine
  • CWA Local 1400—New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine


What We’re Fighting For
Photo by Gretchen Conant

Photo by Gretchen Conant

Over the past six years, FairPoint Communications executives have led the company into a merger and bankruptcy, resulting in workforce cuts of almost 22 percent. In addition to cutting workers, FairPoint has outsourced jobs in violation of promises made to the New England communities that depend on those jobs.

Today about two-thirds of FairPoint’s almost 3,200 employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements as members of the IBEW and CWA. Our contract expired on August 2, 2014.

In response to FairPoint’s refusal to engage in constructive dialog, IBEW and CWA formed “Fairness@FairPoint” to mobilize members and allies to fight for a fair deal.

The company wants to cut labor costs despite the negative impact on customers in Northern New England. We’re holding the line for good jobs in our region and better service for our customers. Meanwhile, FairPoint wants to outsource our jobs and hire less skilled, lower paid out-of-state or overseas contractors.

If you’d like to know more about FairPoint’s history of mismanagement and false promises, take a look at the history of Broken Promises @FairPoint. And join the fight for Fairness@Fairpoint here.

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