FairPoint Refuses to Compromise at Meeting in Boston

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For Immediate Release: Tuesday, November 18 Contact: Jim McNeill, 202-213-1614, Jim@FairnessAtFairpoint.com Telecom company officials refuse to modify demands at Tuesday meeting arranged by a federal mediator In more than six months of talks, FairPoint officials have never moved from their initial demand for $700 million in crippling cuts. FairPoint workers have offered more than $200 million in cost-saving compromises since … Read More

Update for All Members

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Brothers and Sisters, Today your union leaders met with FairPoint company representatives. The company refuses to compromise. We now have no choice but to strike. As of 12:01 a.m. October 17th, we are on strike. If you are working tonight, and your shift extends past 12 o’clock, leave your workplace at midnight–not before. Picketing at pre-determined work sites will begin … Read More

Our Elected Leaders Show Support for Fairness at FairPoint

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Across Northern New England our elected leaders are demonstrating their support for fairness, strong communities, and good jobs. And they’re decrying the corporate greed of Wall Street hedge funds that control FairPoint’s executives. Over 100 N.H. Candidates Sign Strong Statement Supporting FairPoint Workers The New Hampshire AFL-CIO made support for FairPoint workers a key part of its endorsement process during … Read More

FairPoint Union Members to Work Beyond Contract Expiration

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The unions and the company have not reached a new collective bargaining agreement. Therefore, the unions have decided to continue to work beyond expiration, without a contract, in order to fight for our bargaining objectives: * Negotiations will continue. The bargaining committee is committed to continue negotiating until we reach a fair and equitable contract. * Members will still earn … Read More