FairPoint Announces Surplus Positions

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We were extremely disappointed and disheartened to learn today that the company has announced a surplus of approximately 260 positions across 17 states. Please note, we anticipate the number surplussed in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to be fewer than 260.

We are still gathering details about the situation and will provide accurate information as quickly as possible. We will meet with management immediately to establish the process by which the surplus will be implemented and to hold the company accountable to our collective bargaining agreement.

We firmly believe this surplus is unnecessary and will further erode the already compromised quality of service for our customers. The company clearly cannot provide adequate service at the current staffing levels. As we all know, the company has been mismanaged from the moment FairPoint took over the business in 2008. Their allegiance is to the Wall Street hedge fund owners whose only priorities are higher share prices and a profitable sale of the northern New England business. Our priority has always been to fight for good jobs and quality service in our region, and that struggle continues.

As soon as we have additional details about the positions to be surplussed and the process, we will communicate them to you. In addition, we will work with the state AFL-CIOs to provide rapid response advice on unemployment and other benefits for those who will be laid off.

In solidarity,

Peter McLaughlin
Business Manager, IBEW Local 2327
Chair, IBEW System Council T-9

Don Trementozzi
President, CWA Local 1400

Glenn Brackett
Business Manager, IBEW Local 2320

Mike Spillane
Business Manager, IBEW Local 2326