Help Save Reliable Landline Service For All Mainers

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January 4, 2016

FairPoint Communications is demanding a repeal of an age-old guarantee to Mainers: no matter where you live in Maine, you have the right to reliable landline phone service.

Help us protect our landlines in Maine by signing your name here!

We believe wherever you live, you have the right to a reliable, affordable landline phone service. FairPoint wants to change this.

In a rural state like Maine, landlines are lifelines and keep families and communities connected. When a heavy spring storm knocks the power out, your landline still works. When your pacemaker needs to communicate with your doctor, your landline can be counted on. When your furnace shuts down and your pipes are about to freeze, your landline sends the alert before the damage is done.

Some say Mainers can use cell phones instead of landlines. Cell phone service and reception is hardly dependable and is the last thing we can count on in an emergency. Cell phones are not a dependable replacement to landline phone service here in Maine.

We know technology is rapidly improving. But we can’t allow FairPoint to walk away from its responsibility to provide reliable, affordable landline phone service. Join us in sending a message to our legislators in Augusta: Save our landlines and protect reliable and affordable landline phone service for all Mainers!

Stand up for reliable, affordable landline phone service and sign your name today!

We can keep our families and communities connected, whether it’s the holidays or not. Let’s make sure FairPoint doesn’t walk out on Maine. Show your support today.

-Japhet Els
AARP Maine