Member Update for June 2, 2015

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Leaders of the IBEW locals in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont met with company representatives in Manchester today. We have not concluded an agreement yet.

Our proposals are designed to reduce the surplus and increase vacancies within the company. We received a preliminary vacancy list from the company. Seniority is still in dispute because of our disagreement about members’ lost time during the strike. The company has committed to respond to union leadership on this and other issues later this week. We will update you as soon as we have more information. CWA leaders will meet with the company tomorrow.

We appreciate your solidarity as we work through the process. Please wear red again tomorrow and continue to send in your pictures to Your visible demonstrations of unity DO make a difference.

In solidarity,

Peter McLaughlin
Business Manager, IBEW Local 2327
Chair, IBEW System Council T-9

Glenn Brackett
Business Manager, IBEW Local 2320

Mike Spillane
Business Manager, IBEW Local 2326