Cindy Ward-C.O. Tech, Bangor, ME

Money-Saving Tips and Links for Strikers
Our unions have established a relief fund for members with financial hardships. In addition, we have compiled money-saving tips and links to various assistance options.

Our Fairness@FairPoint Mobilization Teams
Our local union leaders have appointed Mobilization Chairs in each state. Mobilization Chairs work with Coordinators and Mobilizers to drive the Fairness@FairPoint campaign forward.

Why Wear Red on Thursdays?
CWA and IBEW mobilizers often ask members to wear red on Thursdays as a sign of solidarity and commitment to each other.

Broken Promises@FairPoint
FairPoint executives have followed the dictates of Wall Street for six years, leading the company into bankruptcy and breaking promises to workers and their Northern New England communities.

Fairness@FairPoint Photostream
Check out all our photos from the ongoing campaign.