Union Leaders Issue Statements on NLRB Decision

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For immediate release: December 30, 2014 Contact: Amy Masciola, 202-285-6955, amy.masciola@gmail.com Reaffirm commitment to fair treatment for workers, good service for customers In response to the Region 1 National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision to dismiss unfair labor practice charges the unions filed against FairPoint, union leaders issued the following statements: “While disappointing, the NLRB’s decision is not surprising,” said … Read More

Update on Unfair Labor Practices Charges and NLRB

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10-7-14 Why Our Mobilization Efforts Are So Important Last week, the Director of the NLRB Region 1 notified our unions that he would dismiss two of the ULP charges that we filed against FairPoint prior to expiration of our contracts. The unions have decided to appeal those decisions to the General Counsel of the NLRB. The most important charge, that … Read More