Thank You from Fairness at FairPoint

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IBEW Strikers

To all the small businesses, families, community organizations, union brothers and sisters, and individuals who have offered support.


Our battle for a fair contract with FairPoint Communications was a long one, and we are grateful for the countless visitors to our picket lines who offered their smiles and words of encouragement. We thank you for the gallons of coffee and dozens of donuts, for the pizza, sandwiches, and homemade treats you brought out to the lines to keep us warm and cheerful morning and night.

In this small post, we can’t thank each individual for contributing to our Strike Relief Fund. Your generosity has been overwhelming and humbling. We appreciate every donation. Each dollar you donated helped us survive One Day Longer, One Day Stronger.

Below, we’d like to give a special shout-out to the large and small organizations and unions that made contributions to the Relief Fund as a show of solidarity. Thank you, brothers and sisters! Knowing you were behind us made it easier to walk the picket lines every day.

We can’t do it alone, and every little bit counts in our fight to maintain great service in northern New England. Thank you!!

In Solidarity,