Thank You to All Our Friends

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funkfest-flowersTo all the small businesses, families, community organizations, union brothers and sisters, and individuals who have expressed support in our strike against FairPoint:


We expect this battle to be a long one, and we are grateful every single day for all you’ve done to help us stand strong against corporate greed.

The company wants to take millions of dollars out of the pockets of working families in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont and send it straight to the Wall Street hedge funds that control the company. We just can’t let this happen.

10847742_589318077835559_223690080355029800_oWe’re walking our picket lines for the future of our communities, and we’ll continue to need your help for the long haul.

  • JOIN A PICKET: Workers are picketing daily, dawn to dusk, at FairPoint locations across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Please stop by a picket line and lend your support.  It makes a huge difference. Show FairPoint’s Wall Street bosses that our communities are united for good jobs! Go to to find a picket location near you.
  • INVITE A STRIKER TO YOUR LOCAL ORGANIZATION’S MEETING: FairPoint workers are fanning out across the region to talk about their struggle and educate the public.  If interested, please contact us for details by email at:
  • LIKE FAIRNESS@FAIRPOINT ON FACEBOOK: Want the latest news on the fight against corporate greed? Like us on and find out how your neighbors are joining the effort.

We can’t do it alone, and every little bit counts in our fight to maintain great service in northern New England.  Thank you!!

In Solidarity,