Update: Appeal for Unemployment Insurance in Maine

Amy MasciolaAid for Strikers, StrikeLeave a Comment

Yesterday, December 11, representatives of the IBEW Local 2327 and CWA Local 1400 participated in a preliminary hearing (by telephone conference) on our appeal for Unemployment Insurance in Maine. Company attorneys were also present.

Of course, the company is fighting hard to prevent members from receiving unemployment insurance, and has gone so far as to suggest it will challenge the constitutionality of Maine’s unemployment statute. Attorneys for both sides will file pre-hearing memorandums in the coming days.

Although each member’s claim is separate, the Department of Labor will address together all those that have been filed until the formal hearing date is set. After the hearing date is set, members can still file claims, but they will not be part of this first joint appeal​. It is important for members to keep their unemployment claim process current by, for example, filing weekly and following the MEDOL instructions.

We do not expect a formal hearing date until at least February ​, but we are pushing for an earlier date​. We will continue to update you as we move through this process.

In addition, this is a reminder that our unions have established a relief fund to help striking workers with financial hardships. If you are in need, please complete the form here or contact the hall (207-623-2901).