Update on Unfair Labor Practices Charges and NLRB

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Why Our Mobilization Efforts Are So Important
Last week, the Director of the NLRB Region 1 notified our unions that he would dismiss two of the ULP charges that we filed against FairPoint prior to expiration of our contracts. The unions have decided to appeal those decisions to the General Counsel of the NLRB.

The most important charge, that the company illegally imposed terms and conditions of its final proposals without the parties having reached impasse, is still being investigated.

It’s important to remember that, because it can take the Board months or years to issue a decision on a ULP, workers must never depend on the legal process alone to win justice. While we will continue to pursue our cases through the NLRB, we must continue every day to fight for fairness on the job and in the streets.

That is why our mobilization efforts are absolutely essential to win this fight.

As Frederick Douglass said, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”