5 Paragraph essay: Guides and Tips



The five paragraph essay is the most common task which faces by the student. You have seen some test like IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT because most of the students restrict these examinations. In these exams you need to concentrate on the writing section but before you may start writing you need to memorize the structure of five-paragraph academic essay on any topic. It will help you in completing the task faster and efficiently. The most important and best the best part of the piece is its flexibility regarding the topic. There are six types of essays; you may face then in each competitive exam. These are given below:

  • Persuasive
  • Argumentative
  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Compare and contrast
  • Causes and effects
  • Expository


  • Every student writes the essay for earning the highest marks.
  • These marks play an essential role as per the course.
  • There are some steps which help you in writing the essay.


  • You make sure that the topic which you have selected you to need to pay attention in writing and make a clear focus on central aspects of the essay.
  • You need to focus that you have proved all the thesis statement and all the objects which you have put in the article should successfully suit on the essay or not.


  • You need to make the flow of writing an essay in an effective way which represents your skills.
  • The entire paragraphs have an inter-relation with each other and must be logical which make the essay eye catchy and attractive.
  • Use the general standard and frame all the main aspects of the essay.


  • Make sure that there should be the proper use of verbs in the text.
  • The entire mistake which is related to grammar, spellings, or punctuation may not be there if it then makes it clear.
  • The document must be easy to read; otherwise, it is difficult to understand.


  • It is essential that what kind of style you have chosen for your essay.
  • As you know that there are several kinds of styles like MLA, APA, and many others.
  • Add some creativity and use the medium level of vocabulary.

These are some guides which help you in writing the five paragraph essay. Make sure that topic is that which gives knowledge.